Shocker! Sheriffs Aren’t Enforcing Coronavirus Curfews


Some of the curfews being thrown out by Democratic governors are ridiculous. And the sheriff departments know it better than anyone else.

So, will some of Governor Newsom’s latest coronavirus curfew regulations be enforced by the police? Absolutely not. They don’t want to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals just to humor the governor.

Quite a few counties have already come forward to say that they’re not going to enforce the curfews. These include Fresno, Kings, Madera, Merced, and Visalia.

The curfews don’t make a lot of sense. The stay-at-home orders have been extended. For nonessential workers, there’s a curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. every Saturday. While most people are in their homes during those times anyway, there are plenty who aren’t. These can include people who want to go for a late-night run, an early morning jog, or simply people who are night owls and want to take a drive.

Margaret Mims, the Fresno Sheriff has no plans to penalize residents if they don’t follow Newsom’s curfew. The main reason is that they’re dealing with too many other important things – like saving children from predators and taking guns away from gang members. The city of Fresno has even released a statement to the public, requesting that residents “voluntarily comply” with the curfew.

How would it be possible to even identify if people are violating curfews? It would require setting up checkpoints or pulling people over to question them.

In a pandemic, most officers want to take a hands-off approach. They don’t want to know what a person is doing out on the roads at 11 p.m. It’s their business. Wear a mask and socially distance whenever you get to where you’re going. There’s no reason for the police to have to question anyone.

Dino Lawson, the Police Chief in Madera has the right idea. He says that they’re enforcing the curfew through encouraged compliance and education. Otherwise, it’s business as usual to protect the community.

What the police departments are doing is honoring American freedoms. However, whether they realize it or not, they’re also undermining Governor Newsom’s power in a big way.

Newsom can come up with all of the mandates and curfews that he wants. However, he has to depend on the police to carry them out. So, California may have some strict curfews in place, but there’s really nothing that will happen if someone violates them. This means that people can choose to do what they want. Following the curfews are voluntary.

This continues to be the Catch-22 all over the country. Dems yelled and hollered at Trump for not setting out mandates for the country in order to get the pandemic under control. Instead, he left it up to the individual states.

Considering that Newsom is a Democrat and the majority of residents in California are Democrats, shouldn’t the state of California be a shining example of how the pandemic can be handled?

It should be, but it’s not. It has nothing to do with the mandates being sent out by the federal or state government. Americans are used to certain freedoms – and if those freedoms are taken in any way, they’ll push back. It’s why there continue to be so many infections. People will choose to wear a mask or not. They’ll choose to social distance or they won’t.

Until rapid testing and a vaccine come out, America will continue to spiral out of control. As much as the Democratic Party wants to politicize it, it’s not a political issue. It’s an American issue. Newsom, Pelosi, and so many of the other Californian Dems are just as much to blame for the pandemic in the U.S. as Trump and the rest of his administration.

Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, but focus on doing what’s right for the country. As for the curfews, if the Dems can’t even listen to a fellow Dem, there’s really not much hope of them listening to Trump at this point, no matter what he might have to say.