Pelosi is Set for Self-Destruction as Liberals Blame Her for Failures


Nancy Pelosi is playing her own little games with people hoping to edge her way into a more prestigious position. She and others like her believed that there would be this majestic wave as Democrats beat every Republican out for their seat. They hoped that they would not have to get out their fake ballots to do it.

But as the night went along, it was evident that they were not as popular as they thought they were. President Trump started winning everything, and that is when everything came to a grinding halt. And ever since then, Biden has been inching his way into victorious positions because there is a large amount of fraud taking place in secret.

The quick victories that all Democrats were hoping never appeared. A considerable margin missed Their blue landslide. And now they are looking to place the blame on someone.

Pelosi went on to win her seat back but now is facing an onslaught of criticism from her people for not being tough on President Trump. They are also blaming her for the failure of this massive blue wave they thought was going to sweep over the country.

Pelosi and the others are expected to keep their majority in the House, but they lost several seats in the election process. None of the Republicans have lost a single seat there. Pelosi was hoping that they would have sent the Republicans packing and turned the entire House blue.

The left wanted to sweep the Senate but failed. Some of the seats that they did take were taken back after other Democrats would fall to new Republicans taking over their spots. The Republicans are going to keep the Senate and will be able to keep Biden and his socialist queen from destroying the country.

The nation was set up with a checks and balances system. This means that the liberals could not just march in and take over. The three branches of government keep each other in check. If Pelosi could have her way, she would do away with that system.

The blue wave developed into a drip. President Trump is set to shut them off. They just cannot explain why they missed the facts so badly. It would have been one thing for them to claim a tough race. But they thought it was going to be a landslide.

Two people came forward that are Democrats in the House and made statements of change against Pelosi. They remained unknown as they stated that “Pelosi needed to hammer Trump, but instead, she chose to let him slide. Last night should have been a bloodbath for Republicans.”

These two mysterious decenters believe that “It’s time for Democrats to elevate a new generation of leadership in both the House and the Senate.” They maintain that Pelosi was way too progressive and not hard enough on the president.

They also stated that the blue waved fizzled because Americans are afraid of socialism. The truth is that all Americans love freedom and would never submit to the likes of Democrat rule under a dictatorship.

Pelosi is a Hollywood politician. She loves to be in charge. She loves the spotlight. But there are a lot of other liberals that want to turn out her light. They want to take that light and shine it on themselves. The younger Democrats want to take the party in a new direction, and Pelosi cannot be a part of that vision.

The Democratic Caucus Chairman is Hakeem Jeffries. A spokesperson stated for him that “As we wait for every vote to be counted in the most pivotal election in our lifetime, keeping the House Democratic Caucus unified on behalf of the American people has never been more important. Representative Jeffries is running to serve a second term as Chairman of the vibrant House Democratic Caucus in the 117th Congress.”

Nancy Pelosi plans on dying in her House seat. She has already promised to poison politics for as many years as she can. Her old school ways no longer sit well with the rest of the Democrats viciously circling her power, hoping to claim it for their own.