Nothing to See Here? Georgia Officials Find Thousands of Uncounted Trump Votes in Recount


While the current civil war that is taking place in Georgia is not the ugliest one that we have ever seen, it’s definitely not the best look. The GOP is trying their best to remain unified as the state prepares for two crucial Senate runoff elections. After a week or so of fits and starts, President Trump is finally receiving some good news.

The news is not going to change the statewide voting results, though. The ballots that were discovered in Georgia were also found in a county that leans heavily to the GOP. They were also pro-Trump. At this point, the president’s goals are a bit different than people would expect. Is he going to be able to overturn the results? Probably not.

Can he at least convince people that he was given a raw deal and that the results of the election are not fair? That’s more in his wheelhouse. Trump would love nothing more than to spend the next four years traveling the country, ranting about how the presidency was unfairly stolen from him. These types of speaking engagements would essentially function as a campaign for re-election as well.

The fact that uncounted votes were located in Georgia is a huge win for Trump. It advances his narrative and makes him look like a prophet. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is on the case. “The previously uncounted votes were cast during in-person early voting at the Floyd County Administration Building, which includes the county’s elections office, [Floyd County Republican chair Luke] Martin said.

Over half of 5,000 printed-out ballots cast on an optical scanner weren’t initially recorded. “It’s very concerning,” Martin said. “But this doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue. I’m glad the audit revealed it, and it’s important that all votes are counted.”

Their report is an eye-opener. The uncounted votes don’t reduce Biden’s lead in any sort of significant way but they are causing people to think twice about whether the election is legitimate. That’s all Trump is really asking for at this point. Georgia has to be embarrassed. It could have been a lot worse for them, however.

If the votes had been found in a county that leaned to the left and they were all in favor of Trump? The fire and brimstone would have come raining down. There is some bad news to report, unfortunately. According to election law expert Rick Hasen, the landscape of court challenges has been surveyed and there no real challenges left.

Biden’s victory seems all but certain at this point. As soon as the key states start to certify their numbers, it’s all over. Trump will file his desperation lawsuits, he’ll fire off some nutty tweets but the end result is going to be the same. Once he realizes that he has exhausted every possible option, the official transition to the Biden team should start to begin in earnest. There’s not much more Trump can do to delay the process.

Trump is also going to be looking for a scapegoat to pin the blame on as soon as it doesn’t go his way. There’s just one problem with this point of view. All of the big decisions that are being made in Georgia at the moment are handled by GOP lawmakers. How can Trump possibly pass the buck when he will be going against his own party to do so? If he wants to take another run at the White House in 2024, this is not the best strategy.

He’s still applying plenty of pressure at the moment, though. “The Fake recount going on in Georgia means nothing because they are not allowing signatures to be looked at and verified. Break the unconstitutional Consent Decree!” he tweeted recently. If there is one thing that President Trump can be counted on to do, that’s tweet to his heart’s content. He’s not going to be silenced, that much is for sure!