Gavin Newsom Evades Paying Property Taxes


Gavin Newsom is the classic corrupt dictator of California. His socialist policies have only destroyed the uniqueness of the state. He blames the people for the lack of care that a governor should have for the state. Instead of maintaining good administration, he reacts to problems and tries to blame all the people for his mistakes.

But now it seems that Newsom’s corruption goes deeper than just ruling as a dictator. Newsom owns two estates in California. He somehow got a lender to grant a cash-out refinance mortgage for both homes for both of his properties. And this has led to him not paying property taxes for his castles.

Property #1:



Property #2:



He does not support education or any other program funded by this tax money by not paying property taxes. If Newsom is not paying taxes, then he is guilty of tax evasion. He thinks that he is above the law and should not have to pay his fair share of the cost of living in America.

In many cases, he paid the taxes due but failed to do it on time. This led to him having to pay enormous fines. But this only goes to show that he thinks that he is above the law and can turn things in whenever he wants to do so. His method of thinking is traditional with Democrats.

Newsom still has not paid his taxes for 2020. That massive bill was due on November 1. Either Newsom lacks money, or he is terrible about paying for things on time. His homes are worth millions. It is time for Newsom to either pay his bills on time as a good steward and example or turn his homes over to the state to use for the homeless.

The type of mortgage that Newsom got for his homes made the value of his properties available for him to live off of. One can only wonder what the crazy man did with all of the money. That money should be found somewhere in his abode.

Newsom’s homes are elaborate estates that seem to be beefed up from funds that he found somewhere. The millions of dollars that he got from his mortgage option put thousands of $100 bills in envelopes for him to use.

The people in California are struggling to make ends meet. Thousands are fleeing to other states to avoid the liberal hypocrisy coming from Newsom’s actions. Many of them have not seen a month’s pay because of the lockdowns that he has imposed on them. Not everyone can weasel their way into a mortgage that pays them millions of dollars.

If Newsom is having trouble paying his tax bill, then where did all of the money go? The millions that he received from the bank is missing. Newsom runs the state terribly, and it seems that he runs his affairs the same way.

Every person in the country is watching to see if Newsom is going to abide by the rules that he laid out for everyone else. He has two homes that he can flee to in order to celebrate Thanksgiving. Money can be placed on the fact that he will try and skirt around the rules since Democrats believe that the rules apply to them.

Nancy Pelosi seems to avoid the rules by visiting a hairstylist when the place was supposed to be closed. She then tried to blame the owner for her crimes.  Newsom hides his bad stewardship and examples behind the rotten policies and rules that he pushes on everyone else.

The truth about Newsom is that he has the ability to pay his taxes on time and in cash. None of the funds that he received from the mortgages were ever held in escrow. He is just a terrible governor that lives above the laws as he believes that they do not apply to him.

Governmental servants need to set an excellent example for the people they serve in all matters of life. The fact that he pays late and does not intend to obey the state’s laws shows he does not care about everyone else. He is in politics for his gain and for making big money off of corrupt people.