China Turns Churches to Propaganda Centers


In China, the only one who can occupy the heavens is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

There is no room for God and religious beliefs, which would only compete with and undermine the CCP’s “preachings” (read: propaganda) and dictates regarding how the people of China should live their lives and OBEY the corrupt communist regime in charge.

Just how sensitive are the Chinese communist snowflakes to competing messaging, especially that of a sublime nature? You might find this shocking: Under Chinese law, it is ILLEGAL to bring Bibles or other printed religious material into the country if they are intended for distribution and used for purposes beyond personal use.

The Good Word is bad news for Red China. The corrupt Chinese communists know their pathetic system of oppression and lies could never compete with the transcendent power of Christianity.

While the message of Jesus teaches morality, humility, compassion, the beatitude of the Lord Almighty, the message of the Chinese communists is to shut up, sit down, and do as we say.

We can’t necessarily blame the people of China, however, for their godless overloads: China is home to a population of 1.4 billion people, with around 92 million of them official members of the CCP (equaling about 6.5-percent of the total Chinese population).

Many in China are hungry for a spiritual belief system greater than the empty and hollow platitudes of the militant atheists in charge with their boots on the necks of the bulk of the general population.

In 1949, there were 4 million Christians in China (3 million Catholics and 1 million Protestants). Since 1949, in fits and starts, Christianity has boomed in China and there are now about 67 million Chinese who practice Christianity in the country. Christianity is the fastest-growing religion in China with an average annual growth rate of 7-percent.

It’s only a matter of time before the Christian population in China outnumbers the ranks of CCP members.

It’s safe to say that these developments and the surging growth of Christianity in China are causing the CCP bosses to properly piss their pants in fear that they will soon be exposed as frauds and delegitimized.

The CCP is panicked and working overtime to not only shut down and raid churches but to seize church properties and convert them into propaganda centers to promote the communist party’s dystopian ideologies.

“Our Chairman, Xi Jinping, who art in Beijing, communist be thy name…”

Hundreds of churches and ancestral temples have been seized and converted into what the CCP is calling “Civilization Practice Stations for a New Era,” which is part of a nationwide mandate to promote Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and strengthen the Party’s ideological propaganda work. In plain English, to shovel the CCP’s horse manure to Chinese peasants.

For instance, on November 6, over 100 government functionaries (read: hacks) attended the ribbon-cutting grand opening of a new propaganda center in the city of Putian (the name of the city, funnily enough, is spelled similarly to “Puritan,” the original colonists of America who were known for their hard-line views; except in the case of the Puritans they were adhering to the Word of God, not the word of Chairman Mao’s demented offspring) which was renovated out of a seized Christian house of worship.

The sparking newly renovated propaganda center was plastered with an excess of 168 posters about mass murdered Mao Zedong, along with current CCP Chairman (and Winnie the Pooh lookalike) Xi Jinping, and other past and present Chinese communist leaders.

The church pastor is now forced to integrate stories about the glorified butcher and lunatic Mao Zedong into his sermons, which has greatly disturbed and saddened the congregation.


“We do not dare to refuse these propaganda materials for fear that the government will ban our gatherings,” said a church member. “We’re powerless to challenge them.”

The fact is, Christians have been persecuted for millennia and yet in the face of extreme adversity Christianity has grown the largest religion in the world today with over 2.1 billion adherents totaling over 31-percent of the world’s 7.8 billion people.

The Chinese communist may try as they might to squash Christianity in China, shut down and seize churches, and shove their bankrupt propaganda down the throats of Chinese citizens. But if history is any teacher, they will fail and the message of Jesus will prevail.