Will Bernie Sanders Be a Part of the Biden Cabinet?


Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist. This means that he’s a socialist first and foremost. In the past, he ran on the independent ticket. He simply added the ‘Democratic’ in front to become more mainstream – and to be able to run in the Democratic Party. He has all sorts of ideas about minimum wage, universal health coverage, and higher taxes for all.

Even though he’s not a presidential candidate any longer, he is still on the political spectrum. When he stepped out of the primaries, he threw his support behind Biden. His top concern at the moment is to see Joe Biden become president. But, why?

Why else? Bernie Sanders wants a position within the Biden presidential cabinet.

More specifically, he has his sights on the labor secretary position. He’s already reached out to members of the Biden transition team to express his interest.

The last thing this country needs is a Democratic Socialist holding a top position within the cabinet. The labor secretary is responsible for such things as minimum wage, overtime rules, and more. Considering that Sanders is a huge proponent for the $15 minimum wage, it could send the economy into a tailspin.

Biden’s cabinet could be one of the most diverse in history. Part of this is because Biden has always prided himself on being able to work “across the aisle.” Several Republicans are being considered for different positions, including a former Arizona Senator and a former Ohio Governor.

No decisions will be made until after the election results are in. After all, naming Sanders into the cabinet beforehand could definitely scare enough voters away from Biden-Harris. There’s a reason why Sanders got out – he knew he couldn’t win. Even if he could have won the primaries, he wouldn’t have been able to win against Trump. The simple reason is the vast majority of the country wants nothing to do with socialism. They don’t want a socialist as president nor in the cabinet – and Biden should remember that if he does get elected, especially if he plans to run for a second term.

What’s interesting is that Sanders has really outdone himself by throwing his support behind Biden. He may have backed Hillary Clinton, too, but that was more in name than anything else. Sanders has already hosted several virtual events for Biden. He’s also been working with the Biden team to help shape a number of policy decisions. Some of the policies that Biden touts sound like they were directly copied from the Sanders campaign – and people have taken notice.

Faiz Shakir, the former campaign manager for Sanders has said, “It would be great to have a unity government that takes into account that progressives are a pretty healthy portion of the electorate.” The problem with that statement is that it’s not accurate. There aren’t nearly as many progressives as the liberal Democrats think they are. The progressives are simply louder at expressing their thoughts. It comes back to VP Mike Pence reminding politicians about the silent majority.

It’s the silent majority that isn’t showing up in the polls right now. It’s the silent majority that allowed Trump to win in 2016 even when the polls pointed to Clinton. It’s also the silent majority that would not want to see Sanders appointed to the cabinet – particularly into a position that would be in control of minimum wage.

The likelihood of him getting the position, according to a source close to Sanders, is “zero” because Sanders is a “Lone Ranger” in the way that he works with people. It would also leave Sanders’ Senate seat open until a special election could be held.

The easiest way to prevent Sanders from making it into the cabinet, however, is to ensure that Biden doesn’t get into the presidential seat. The Trump administration already has a great labor secretary – Eugene Scalia, so a vote for Trump means to keep everything right where it is. There’s no need to suddenly shift to the far left.