Seattle Officers Refuse to Retire from PD Quietly


Seattle has had a rough go of it for 2020, and that’s not even taking into consideration the pandemic. Liberals have overtaken the city. First, they had to deal with CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Now, they’re dealing with radical leftist leaders who want to allow the criminals to rule while punishing the law-abiding citizens.

Seattle officers are done with it all – and many are retiring years before anticipated just to distance themselves from the stupidity.

While they could turn in their paperwork and go silently, they’re standing up to their oppressors. They’re being bold and honest in their exit interviews to ensure the public understands what’s being done behind the closed doors of the city council.

As one patrol sergeant reports on his exit interview, “this agenda sacrifices the health and well-being of the officers and ultimately will destroy the fabric of this once fine city.” Such comments are common as many claim that the city is more focused on allowing everyone to protest without thinking about how it is affecting the overall welfare of the officers who have sworn to protect the city.

CHAZ was what upset most of the police officers across the city. They were told to stand down. They had to sit idly by and watch the city get destroyed. Months of civil unrest have plagued Seattle and it has been made clear that the lives of police officers don’t matter nearly as much as those who continuously break the law in an effort to be seen and heard.

Officers have been retiring or choosing to work elsewhere. They don’t want to deal with the political agendas of the leaders of the city – especially when there are constant calls to defund the law enforcement entities.

One patrol sergeant who has spent more than 20 years serving at the Seattle Police Department has chosen to retire early. His comments within the exit interview go on to say that he refuses to work with a socialist city council.

Most of the officers are frustrated because there are no consequences for those who commit crimes during the riots and protests. Even outside of this unrest, people can attack SPD employees – and still, nothing happens. If they are arrested, they’re back out on the streets within a day or two because the liberal district attorney releases them with no charges.

A veteran police canine officer said he doubts he’d ever return to the department in the future. He commented that they could even pay him double his salary and he’d still choose not to work for the city based on the “current political mayhem, Marxist collaborations, and lack of government and police leadership.”

Why would anyone want to work where they’re not wanted? They’re working for a city that is constantly working to defund their department. They’re working for a city where they would rather allow criminals back out on the streets than to hold them accountable for the injuries and destruction that they are responsible for.

This goes beyond a hostile working environment. Each and every day, the officers are out on the streets, risking their lives. And for what? The socialist government doesn’t want them.

More and more Democratic cities are starting to look like Seattle – it’s being seen in Portland, San Diego, and elsewhere. The liberal city councils want to defund the police. They want to throw their support behind the people who are rioting. And for what? To tear the cities apart and lead to more violence and more mayhem. Even the residents are over it. The residents want law and order but the city councils have stopped listening.

Yet, somehow, on Election Day, the liberal leaders around the country will wonder why they didn’t get the votes. Just ask the officers retiring in Seattle. They’ll provide the honest truth about what socialism looks like – and it’s not pretty by any standards.