Cuomo to Kill More? His Plans to Withhold the Vaccine from NY


Andrew Cuomo may be one of the most egotistical governors that the state of New York has ever seen. Even before the pandemic is over, he published a book that pats himself on the back at the amazing job he did handling COVID-19. Amazing job is certainly debatable considering he made an executive order that killed thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes across the state.

But, according to Cuomo, he knows what’s best for his state. The governor has already said that most of the decisions made have been done so based on fear instead of medical or scientific data. So, the entire state has had to deal with Cuomo being scared of the pandemic and ignoring science.

As news pushes forward with the promise of a vaccine, Cuomo isn’t jumping in line to help residents of New York get it. In fact, he’s planning on withholding it until “his” doctors test it out.

Governor Cuomo’s ego is so massive that he’s not willing to trust the expertise of doctors and scientists hired by the White House. He believes that he, somehow, has access to better ones than the federal government.

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This decision has the potential to kill tens of thousands of people. Many at-risk citizens are desperately waiting for a vaccine. And if Cuomo decides not to let them have it when it first comes out, how many more lives is he going to be responsible for?

This is even more ignorant than when Kamala Harris said that she wouldn’t take the vaccine if Donald Trump told her to take it – only if Dr. Fauci told her to take it.

Governor Cuomo doesn’t trust the Trump administration. What about the fact that there are many residents who do? Shouldn’t they be able to make the choice about their health? Cuomo is already building a task force to determine if he has the legal authority to withhold the vaccine. This includes a total of seven doctors who are practicing physicians and academics.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci, the head of the CDC, has already identified that the vaccine is not only safe but that there will be enough doses for everyone by April.

Cuomo has already told Good Morning America that he isn’t going to rush to recommend that people take the vaccine. Further, he believes that the American people will be “skeptical” about it. That’s where he’s wrong, though. Americans have been dealing with the pandemic for over seven months. People are ready to move forward with their lives – and if the vaccine promises to do that, it is a glimmer of hope.

“I believe all across the country you’re going to need someone other than this FDA and this CDC saying it’s safe.” @NYGovCuomo speaks on New York’s plan to administer the vaccine.

— Good Morning America (@GMA) October 19, 2020

Cuomo continues to criticize the Trump administration for the way that the pandemic was handled. Yet, the CDC has said that there wasn’t anything different that could have been done. Plenty of other countries have struggled, too. Even countries that appeared to have gotten it under control quickly are now dealing with a second surge.

Once the FDA approves the vaccine, it’s unlikely that the New York governor will be able to stop it. He’s likely to lose a lot of residents if he does try to stop it. People are getting tired of Democratic leaders over-stepping their bounds. They believe that with the writing of an executive order, they can turn from governor to dictator. It’s proven to be unsuccessful in Michigan and California – yet Cuomo thinks that he’s different.

Andrew Cuomo is a megalomaniac. Having the power of New York is not enough for him. It would not be surprising if he mounted a presidential bid in 2024 as a way to control the entire country. He needs more power – and until he gets it, he’ll exert as much control over the state as he can – even if it means that tens of thousands of people die around him. But, didn’t you hear? He has leadership lessons to share with everyone about how he handled the American crisis.