Barrett Gets Right to Work on First Case That Deals With Freedom


Amy Coney Barrett is one of those judges that surpasses all expectations. Her intellect and knowledge of the Constitution surpass that of every Democrat that sits in the House and Senate. Every one of the liberals that tried to stump her or get her to say things that would disqualify her from serving failed. And now Barrett sits with the legal elite ready to make things better for the United States.

Barrett is in a unique position. Many judges have to wait a long time before ever getting the chance to issue a ruling. But Barrett may have her chance in just a few days. The one case that she is getting ready to get involved with is a high-profile case that will have ramifications for years to come.

An overwhelming vote in the Senate confirmed Barrett. Her intellect will go along way into figuring out what to do regarding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling to allow mail-in ballots to be received by a future date after the election has ended. The state court ruled in favor of the liberals who wanted more time to fraudulently create more votes in a state vital to anyone winning the election.

The Supreme Court got involved when Republicans ask the high Court to prevent the liberal Court from extending a deadline that had already been set. Barrett comes into play because her vote would be the deciding factor.

The Supreme Court was split 4-4 on the issue. This kind of scenario is just what the Democrats want to see because it gives them more time to press their criminal matters. Barrett would be the tiebreaker. And she would be the thorn that would pop the liberals’ ego strutting around with pride because they got a lower court to agree with them.

The Republicans have asked that “With courts around the country weighing similar extensions of received-by deadlines that could push voting past Election Day in numerous states, the issues presented are important, recurring, and in need of this Court’s immediate resolution. This Court’s timely intervention could provide desperately needed clarity and help states avoid the sort of last-minute changes in election rules this Court has consistently warned against.”

They need a hearing as soon as possible since the election is only a week away. The Republicans need a vote in their favor in order to make the election fair in Pennsylvania. The longer the Democrats have to harvest their ballots, the more likely it will be that they will take the state.

Experts think that the ruling by Barrett would basically decide the outcome of the 2020 election. But many liberals would like her to rule in their favor so they can prove that she is not a Trump supporter. But that is not the way Barrett will rule. She will do what is right constitutionally regardless of who nominated her to the position.

One conservative judge on the Court of Appeals stated that “The question for Barrett, if it arises, will not be whether she personally believes she can be fair in deciding an election case but, rather, whether a reasonable person would conclude that her impartiality would be inescapably overborne by the flood of influences brought to bear on her.”

Many people hope that she will rule party lines so they can kill individual bills that the Democrats have put in place that are forcing people to do things that they do not want to do. Liberals are scared to death that she is going to kill the previous ruling, such as abortion and healthcare.

President Trump did not nominate her because she will vote Republican. He nominated her because she is fair and will make rulings based on what is right and not popular. His wisdom in choosing the past judges is beyond Democratic understanding.

The only reason so many Democrats are fighting his nominations is because they hate the man for beating Clinton in 2016. They have fought him for the past four years and have lost every battle. November 3 is looking more like a Republican sweep in all branches of government. The Democrats have squandered their time in the House to the point that the American people want the Democrats out of the way so America can be made great again.