It’s All Politics! Nashville Mayor’s Hiding Real COVID Numbers To Help Biden


We are not lawyers by any stretch of the imagination but this looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen. The Nashville Health Department is accused of colluding with the city mayor’s office to lie about the COVID-19 numbers. The numbers were being fudged for the opposite reason that you would expect. We’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t because they are so high.

In fact, Nashville is said to have lied about their numbers because they weren’t high enough. The city’s citizens were not told about these low numbers, in an astonishing development. This is all a part of the liberal cities’ plan to continue to play up the virus as a means of keeping their population terrified.

4th of July celebrations in this city were shut down but the protesters were still allowed to congregate. This is the sort of thing that makes us wonder what is on their minds. FOX17 was the first to break the story about the mayor and his fraudulent practices. John Cooper is lying to his constituents and we wish that we knew why.

“Emails between the Mayor’s senior advisor & the Health Dept. reveal only a partial picture. But what they reveal is disturbing. The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars & restaurants & how to keep it from the public,” tweeted Nick Short, who is best known for the PoliticalShort account.

The e-mails about this matter were shared in the tweet and there is very little dispute that can be made. Nashville lied and every arm of the city seems to have been involved. The citizens who gave up an entire summer to help keep each other safe have to be outraged. They all stayed inside, so that they could adhere to orders that were almost entirely made up.

Liberal cities are doing what they can to politicize the virus because they believe it provides them with their quickest route to the Joe Biden era. It’s not like they can point to much else in his favor. All they are doing at the moment is pointing at him and saying “vote for him because he is not the current president”. When this strategy fails to pay dividends, they are forced to tell lies.

By playing up the impact of the virus, the Democrats are hoping that they can essentially scare people into voting for their candidate. If the virus can be blamed on anyone, China would be at the front of the list. In America, that is not what is happening, though. Individual states and cities are taking it upon themselves to go on a door to door tour, frightening everyone that they speak with along the way.

Even when the left is presented with all of the evidence in the world that proves they are wrong on this one, they cling to their narratives. No one wants the country to reopen more than the current president. What motivation does he have to keep everyone indoors when all of the evidence suggests that this is not truly necessary?

It’s like we have been taking crazy pills all year. The things that we assumed we all agreed upon are now back to being disputed. It doesn’t take much to get the left to fly off the handle about the virus either. They are banking on the idea of staying home until after the election has taken place. At this time, they will release the vaccines and allow Joe Biden to take all of the credit.

This is how they are hoping it will play out but the truth is going to prevail. They cannot expect to suppress all of this information from the public. There are some who may be willing to go along with the current status quo but those of us who are tired of having their basic liberties infringed upon are not going to stand for it any longer.


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