Watch This Georgia Democrat Slam BLM’s Attacks Against America


When a Democratic representative in Georgia decided to offer up their support for Donald Trump a few weeks back, the liberal mob erupted in a fit of rage. How could any Democrat be willing to stand alongside the current president? The orange man is bad and no one should ever say a nice thing about him. Vernon Jones is the representative in question. He’s speaking out about the current state of affairs in America.

Someone warn the liberals, because they are sure to get ticked off all over again. He’s not thrilled with the Black Lives Matter movement, blaming them for the recent rash of violence and shootings that are taking place all over the country. Jones thanked the president for being ready to uphold the rule of law.

In Jones’ mind, all black lives need to matter as much as the lives that have been claimed by the police. The people who are dying in the riots need to matter as much as George Floyd does. He went on to say that black people are willing to stand behind law enforcement, as long as they are doing their job. This is something that a number of liberals seem scared to say.

They are more than ready to speak on behalf of black people when it aligns with their chosen narrative. When black people are not ready to go along with them, they cast them aside and try to create new narratives. Joe Biden’s “if you vote for Donald Trump, you ain’t black!” rhetoric is a prime example of the nonsense that white liberals are engaging in.

These knuckleheads believe that they can question someone’s blackness when they have never walked a day in their shows. They are even brazen to throw around terminology that typically would have gotten a white person punched in the mouth back in the day. Jones is being referred to as an Uncle Tom by folks who are probably descended from slave owners.

As the young people say, make it make sense! Jones went on to reference the 22 lives that have been claimed by the riots and he is tired of seeing children being killed. In Atlanta, an eight year old girl passed away and she was not a victim of police violence. She was taken from her loved ones by the protesters who believe that they are on the side of truth and justice.

“And so, sometimes it’s hypocritical,” said Jones. We could not have said it better ourselves. He thanked President Trump for what he has done and reaffirmed his allegiances. Jones wants the president to know that he is standing alongside of him at all times. He’s one of the rarest types of politician: a Democrat who is able to tell it like it is, as opposed to telling it like it might be.

The Democrats love to point the finger at anyone who speaks out against them. If you are against a Democratic policy of any kind, you are a racist and you are treated as such. We are not sure what they are going to do when it comes to Jones’ comments. They cannot paint him as a racist themselves because that would look rather foolish.

Scratch that, though. The Democrats have no problem with looking foolish. They were happy to parade around in their kente cloth. This was supposed to signify their willingness to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. In reality, they looked like a bunch of buffoons who were more interested in performative activism.

That’s what the Democrats are all about. They can virtue signal all day but when it comes time to actually do something that will be helpful to the groups they claim to support? Cue the sound of crickets chirping. We are sure that it will be more of the same when they finally get around to addressing Jones’ recent comments.


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