The Left’s Alternate Reality: “It’s a Myth” Nadler Denies Violence and Riots Are Actually Happening


Fleccas is a conservative filmmaker who decided to travel to Washington, DC recently. Over the weekend, he had a chance meeting with a prominent Democrat. Representative Jerry Nadler was more than happy to have a sitdown with Fleccas. The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee was asked to take a moment to denounce domestic terrorism groups.

The Antifa groups that are currently shredding Portland and Seattle need to be condemned. However, Nadler was not willing to do so. “That’s a myth,”
Jerry replied. We would like to take this time to make a joke about Democrats and myths but we are trying to be more mature. It’s funny that they can keep pretending like this, though.

They would rather place their heads directly into the sand and pretend that nothing bad is actually happening. Why would they ever decide to acknowledge what is taking place? If they did, they might have to admit that it is finally time to do something about it. The leftists live in an alternate reality but we already knew that.

Nadler is the only one who seems willing to confirm it. Fleccas asked the man a very reasonable question and wanted a very reasonable response. Instead, he got more Democrat double speak and a bunch of mumbo jumbo for his troubles. This is why the Democrats are never taken seriously by those who are more conservative by nature.

A conservative will take a look at what is going on in the world and do their best to engage with any viewpoint, within reason. The leftists, on the other hand? They will blindly deny anything that does not align with their chosen point of view. All of the violence that we see on the news day in and day out isn’t even real because Jerry Nadler said so.

Sadly, that’s all it will take from them to go right back to the denials that they are so accustomed to. Protests and riots have been taking place for months now, shaking numerous American cities to their very core. When given the chance to speak out about this, Jerry Nadler took the coward’s way out. He acted like the whole narrative was a figment of Fleccas’ imagination.

This is what is known as gaslighting and the Democrats engage in this practice constantly. They are presented with a sane and normal viewpoint but then they do everything in their power to make everyone else feel like they are the crazy ones. It’s a pretty neat trick that has allowed them to continuously get over for some time now.

Their little joyride is finally coming to an end. The Democrats may believe that they could bully everyone who thinks differently but nothing could be further from the actual truth. We have television sets and we have social media accounts. Everyone can see what is taking place in their own country, even if the Democrats have decided that our eyes are all lying to us.

These are the sorts of denials that tend to take place in the lunatic fringes of society. Nadler is mainstreaming conspiracy theories and we do not like it one bit. It is one thing for the Democrats to act like the riots aren’t that big of a deal. We expect that from them at this point and it’s not worth getting that upset about. It is quite another to treat everyone else like they have no idea what they are talking about.

When the protests and riots lead to counter demonstrations from folks who are tired of this nonsense, we do not want to hear one ounce of complaining from Nadler and the like. It’s in his best interests to keep doing what he is doing right now: pretending that the protests are not currently taking place because they do not affect him on a personal level. It seems to be working out just fine for him so far.


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