The Irony: Watch BLM Protesters Attack Asian Guy Because “All Asians Look Like Andy NGO”


How many times has it made the news that a black person got upset because they were mistaken for someone else? Cops are human and make mistakes from time to time.

Hey, you all look alike, right?

This would be the perfect time for Black Lives Matter to band together with other minorities. Let’s go ahead and straighten the whole mistaken identity issue right up, shall we?

Nah, that would make sense.

Instead, let’s attack an Asian guy…because they all look alike.

Why can’t the BLM protesters stop with the violence? They can’t. They don’t know how. Clearly, they’re not the most eloquent speakers. They could be using all of their donations to make a difference – like run for office. They could be using their mass crowds to be heard. But they’re not. They’re proving time and again that they’re nothing but a bunch of short-tempered thugs.

So, there’s a story about what happened in Portland. Really, BLM needs to choose some more exciting landscapes. It seems like they either start in Seattle or Portland. But here we go. BLM protesters need glasses. They’re accosting a man because he’s Asian. Oh, and they think he’s Andy Ngo.

Quick note: Andy Ngo is a conservative social media activist and journalist. The left hate him, which is why they were looking to attack him at the rally.

Because, in today’s society, if people don’t agree with you, they’ll just attack you. Because that’s cool.

So, this poor Asian guy at the protest gets attacked because they think he’s Andy. This has likely not been the first time because he stops and asks his protesters, “Do you think that I’m Andy Ngo?” He goes on to get upset, calling them out for being racist.

If it weren’t for the fact that an innocent man was being accosted, it would be funny.

The people trying to end racism with Black Lives Matter protests are being racist.

They’re not racist, though. Instead, they blame the guy they just accosted for antagonizing people. What? So, this guy is just out there, walking the streets and being himself, yet he’s the one antagonizing people because he dared to look like Andy Ngo. Sure, sure. That’s a totally reasonable argument.

BLM protesters don’t see the irony. They don’t realize that they could benefit by getting another minority on their side. Although they don’t want to openly admit it, they’re not looking to help anyone. They’re using all of this as a way to try to rip the country apart and rebuild to suit their standards.

They say that white people are on pedestals. But they’re not looking to level the playing field. They want to knock the white people off of the pedestals so that they can claim the higher position. And as for Asians, well, they need to be thrown down a level or two, too, apparently.

BLM protesters…you will get yours. Eventually. While the Dems would say anyone breaking the law in times like this are worth of getting COVID-19, that’s not quite what needs to happen. We don’t need anyone else getting the coronavirus because we need the economy to reopen.

Trump earning a second round in the White House would be fun, though. It would show those who think they can tear the country apart are not the ones speaking for the majority. Right now, BLM protesters think that they have the country right where they want it. They think they get to call all the shots. While there are plenty of Democratic leaders bending to their will, there are Republicans who are louder.

America has always been a melting pot – Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos. We don’t look like each other. And even if we do, it doesn’t give anyone the right to attack just because ideas are different. We need to melt or suffer being kicked out of the pot.


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