Really? Biden Pushes His Plan to “Get Our Children to Market Swiftly”


Joe Biden has had a lot of weird moments since he has been able to swipe the Democratic nomination. Sometimes, it feels like he is going out of his way to sound like an insane person. Take one of his most recent press conferences, for instance. He was at a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware when he said his most insane thing yet.

That’s a high bar to clear, to say the least. Biden is not looking to leave the basement that he spends most of his time in and Delaware is his home state. It is clear to see that he is avoiding traveling at all costs. He can use the current pandemic as an excuse but in reality, he’s just a feeble old man who is trying to minimize his chances of screwing up the presidency.

The plan that has been unveiled is a scary one. Biden wants a plan that will “get kids to market swiftly”. We are pretty sure that he is referring to a plan that is going to get kids back in school but his wording is nuts. It’s the type of thing that is sure to cause a lot of unwanted speculation. The worst part of all is that he was actually reading from a teleprompter.

How bad would this have been if he had to come up with on the fly? Even when the man is provided with a script to read from, he cannot seem to get the words out in the proper order. Biden is not mentally fit to be the president of the United States and anyone who has been paying even a modicum of attention can see it.

The Democrats have been dogged by rumors of child exploitation for years now but they are not doing anything to put a stop to them. We would like to have a good faith interpretation of what Joe Biden said but it is hard to find one. In fact, many people are already saying that he had something of a Freudian slip.

Parents are wondering if they are going to be able to send their little ones back to school and Biden is more worried about sending them off to market. It’s entirely possible that he was reminiscing about his own childhood. After all, an old man like him can probably remember the days when children actually were sent off to market but for entirely different reasons.

Regardless of what your interpretation is, we can all agree on one thing. Biden needs to be kept in the basement for the duration of the election cycle. No good is coming from having him speak to the public directly. He trips over his words, even when they are laid out clearly for him. Can you believe that his backers are the same people who could not wait to question the mental acuity of the current president?

Those accusations are not exactly aging well, are they? They went from accusing Trump of losing his marbles to doing everything in their power to hide Biden’s clearly deteriorating mental state. It’s been a fun about face to watch in real time. The Democrats are doing a 180 and they do not care how hypocritical they look.

They’ll be doing damage control on this statement for a long time to come. Biden probably meant to say that the nation wants to get their goods back on the market as soon as possible. That would make a lot more sense. The man can’t be that nefarious, can he?

The Democrats have already created a world where their statements are always going to be met with a lot of (warranted) skepticism. While we sincerely hope that children are not currently being exploited by the Democratic party, there are a lot of follow up questions that are going to be asked by reporters who actually want to uncover the real truth.


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