Progressives Issue Warning to Biden to Follow Their Orders or Else


Joe Biden recently gave a speech to the National Education Association and of course, people are finding fault with it. He did not have one of his usual gaffes, though. For once, he is not drawing the ire of anyone on the right side of the aisle. This time around, it is the liberals who are infuriated with him. He committed one of their cardinal sins during this speech and now he is going to have to pay for it.

Biden told the crowd that he values the ability to work with both sides of the aisle. This is probably one of the most reasonable things that he has ever said. That’s why the leftists were tearing into him with the type of zeal that they usually reserve for Donald Trump. “I’ve been able to bring Democrats and Republicans together in the United States Congress to pass big things, to deal with big issues,” said Biden.

“Biden is transparently taking a bet to win over a group of anti-Trump Republicans but at the expense of what? Potentially losing some of the largest movements in history?” said progressive activist Nomiki Konst, who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Democratic presidential primary.

She and other progressives also warn it could cost Biden by reducing voter enthusiasm on the left in November.

“His excitement is extremely low and that should always be alarming for candidates. It’s the Hillary Clinton strategy all over again,” she said.

As if this was not going to get him in enough trouble, he went on to say that compromise is not a dirty word. The Democratic party does not seem to agree with this viewpoint these days. They are the type of people who believe in a clear delineation between good and evil. The real world is not nearly as easy to figure out but no one tell them that.

They want to make every issue into an argument and sometimes, we are better served by coming together to brainstorm a proper solution. Bernie Sanders’ supporters are probably gnashing their teeth right now. They did not want to compromise with anyone and they are part of the reason why he could never get the traction he needed to keep himself alive in the race.

The groups call on Biden to endorse policy initiatives like “Medicare for All,” canceling all student debt, taxing wealth and the Green New Deal framework of a fully clean energy economy by 2030. They make process demands like eliminating the legislative filibuster and adding seats to the Supreme Court. And they include personnel wishes like rejecting Wall Street or other corporate executives for important roles and picking a Homeland Security chief committed to “dismantling ICE and CBP as we know them,” referring to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection.

Biden understands the game a bit better than his contemporaries but that is not saying much. The Sanders gang did not like what Biden had to say and we are not surprised. They were never going to vote for him anyway. Watch the liberals lose their chance to take back the White House because too many of them were willing to write it Bernie Sanders’ name on their ballots.

Progressives are now issuing bold threats to Biden about hurting his chances in November’s election. Nomiki Konst is a progressive activist and a Sanders supporter. “His excitement is extremely low and that should always be alarming for candidates. It’s the Hillary Clinton strategy all over again,” said Konst.

While there are definitely Hillary parallels with his campaign, the enthusiasm does not seem to be as low. There are some folks who are legitimately excited for Biden, whereas Hillary’s support all seemed to come from people who wanted a female president and did not care how it happened.

Biden will be able to ride the wave of anti Trump sentiment without too much trouble, so the enthusiasm level is sure to be higher. We do not buy the idea that Sanders supporters were ever willing to vote for him, so these types of warnings ring hollow. Biden’s spent a lot of time pandering to progressives.

If anything, this is his time to double back and start trying to charm the moderates who are undecided. Biden needs to be worried about all of the skeletons lurking in his closet. His voting record is filled with a wide range of horrific, racist policies. He might be preaching about the importance of compromise now but we’ll see if he’s still singing that tune after he takes a beating during the remainder of his campaign.

Charlamagne da God already called him out for these policies and all Biden could do was start auditing people’s blackness. If he failed to explain himself that badly during a relatively calm interview, he’s going to fold like origami once he is asked to go more in depth on the matter. Either way, the rest of this campaign is sure to be entertaining.


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