Must See: Seattle Residents Finally Speak up After Chop Terrorists Finally Removed


The Seattle police have finally been given the authorization to end the charade that is taking place in CHOP. They arrived on Wednesday morning and not a moment too soon. Mayor Jenny Durkan decided that she has finally had enough of this insane social experiment and she issued an executive order, demanding that the protesters vacate from the area as soon as possible.

The area has been occupied by these anarchists for two weeks now but Durkan was fine with it until the shootings started. Six square blocks of her city were seized and she did nothing about it. She even kept the police at bay, so that this “block party” could continue. According to her, it was the “summer of love” and she clearly had a very romantic view of what was going on.

The criminal activity and violence that was taking place in CHOP had to be stopped. It’s just a shame that things had to come to this. One of the Seattle residents who was terrorized by the residents of CHOP took to the streets. He wanted the world to know what he had experienced. He said that he felt abandoned by the city’s leaders. Antifa has taken everyone hostage.

There have been at least five shootings that we know about in CHOP. Both victims of the most recent shooting that took place on Monday were both black males. These are the same people who claim to care about the Black Lives Matter movement. If they cared as much as they say they did, they would not have allowed something like this to happen.

These are not peace loving hippies who are trying to call attention to their cause. These are people who are hijacking someone else’s cause as a means of calling attention to themselves. When young men are being shot and killed on a regular basis, this is a sign that changes need to be made. Durkan should feel ashamed of herself for waiting so long to take action.

To make matters worse, Durkan did not want to do anything because of the shootings. These shootings meant nothing to her. Her real reason for taking action now is hilarious. Why isn’t she be charged with murder for what she allowed to take place? If we were the parents of the young men who were shot in CHOP, we would be in the process of preparing a massive lawsuit against her.

So what led to her sudden charge of heart? Durkan’s reasoning is simple: it’s not a problem until I am the one who is being personally affected by it. She decided to put a stop to this farce once armed protesters arrived at her home. Durkan probably thought she was safe from the rioters because she had allowed the residents of CHOP to run wild for so long.

Domestic terrorists were allowed to establish their own autonomous zone and it went as badly as you would have expected. Local residents felt terrorized and they are finally being heard. Too bad Jenny Durkan didn’t feel it necessary to care until her safety was being threatened. Maybe she should have been willing to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before it was too late.

Now, the city is left to pick up the pieces of her social experiment. Families are destroyed and businesses have been ravaged. The Democrats may believe that it is in their best interests to look as progressive as possible but no one is buying what they are selling. People are fed up with the nonsense and they are letting the world know.

Durkan and Governor Inslee may have thought that they were showing up the conservatives by allowing CHOP to remain intact. Instead, they put their own constituents in grave danger. Was that really the goal that they were looking to accomplish? We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say no.


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