Look How the Chinese Communist Party Botched Its Coverup

Look How the Chinese Communist Party Botched Its Coverup

China is a nation of lying leaders. They make all sorts of statements that remove them from any wrongdoing. In a way, they try to make themselves out to be the perfect nation, when in fact they are a murderous nation.

Drone footage clearly shows that they took all of the Uighur prisoners, put blindfolds on them, and shoved them into train cars. Many people that have seen the crimes are comparing the event to what the Nazis did to the Jewish people during the Second World War. Of course, they deny the truth of the video.

A few months after the herding of the prisoners, a 13-ton shipment of beauty products made from human hair was found. The product was made in the Xinjiang region.

This shipment alone proves that there is mass genocide taking place within the communist country. The Chinese government has even threatened to sue the researchers in an attempt to cover up the truth of them killing people to make beauty products.

The crazy Chinese deny everything. They are that little kid with cookie crumbs around his mouth. When asked about eating the cookies, the toddler denies ever eating them even though the evidence is around the child’s mouth. China has a millstone tied to its neck and they still do not admit the truth of their crimes.

China also has camps that are classified as “political re-education” camps. It is here that people are taken and indoctrinated with communist propaganda until they submit to the evil rule. When a COVID-19 doctor sounds the alarm, they disappeared for a short time. Only to resurface and agreeing with the philosophy of communism. Some believe the doctor was sent to a re-education camp.

China’s history is one of forced birth control. They tell their women that they can only have one child because the country has too many people. One can only imagine the horror of what happens to a second child that is born. But even with their relaxing of that rule, the Xinjiang region has suffered a massive drop in the birthrate.

The Chinese claim that people can have as many kids as they want, but facts show that the government has targeted the region with sterilization chemicals. At one point, a witness claims to have seen people injected with unknown compounds. But when asked, China denies any wrongdoing acting like they have the right mass murder people.

President Trump knows all of this horrible information. He has recently responded and imposed a new set of sanctions because of the human rights violations that Communist China is involved with and tries to cover up. The sanctions include several companies and people.

The United States is not alone in the approach to save the abused in China. The United Kingdom has also stepped up its actions to force the communist regime to give up its murderous actions.

China is trying to cut ties with free nations of the west. They see freedom as cancer to their people. The concentration camps that they lied about and other so-called prisons are just factories built to kill people.

Now people understand why the communist nation expelled all the journalists from their borders. They want to report news that is fake so they can cover up their illegal violations.

China is also suing people that release factual information proving the violations exist. They are attempting to silence people that know the truth and are speaking out against it all. It drives the Chinese crazy that they cannot get to some of the truth-tellers.

Had those people been in the country they too would have been victims of the death camps that spread the Chinese landscape. As more and more evidence comes to the surface. The Chinese are having a terrible time of refuting the evidence.

It is just a matter of time before the world knows the truth about Communist China. Their lies about COVID-19 and other sicknesses that have killed millions of people will be that millstone around their neck. And they will drown in the sea of conviction as the nations of the


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