Disney Bows to BLM Fascists and Partners With Kaepernick to Denounce US as Racist Country


This is the most 2020 headline of the year and we are not even joking. We’ve reached the point where it is hard to be surprised by anything that we are reading and this headline definitely qualifies. Now that Colin Kaepernick’s chances of playing in the NFL seem pretty remote, he’s had the chance to rise again in the national consciousness.

The George Floyd murder has brought him back into the spotlight. He can now be a total and complete radical, without having to worry about any sort of backlash. Disney has decided that they want to be in the Colin Kaepernick business and we cannot get over this pairing. The family friendly company that has raked in billions providing wholesome entertainment is doing business deals with a former NFL quarterback who was effectively blackballed from the league.

This is the type of story that would have made no sense if we came across it last year but in 2020? It’s par for the course. Mainstream media giants are now more worried than ever before about not appearing to care about the issues that affect minority groups in America. Instead of doing something that will truly address the problem, they are focus on symbolic partnerships.

That’s what the mainstream media does. They are not interested in actual change. They just want to be able to sell products to the people who actually do care. It’s a sad state of affairs but many liberals do not realize when they are being pandered to. Kaepernick has also spent the past few years dabbling in different forms of political activism.

While he is best known for kneeling during the National Anthem, he’s been outspoken on a number of flammable topics. This is a man who felt it necessary to defend Fidel Castro. What is Disney going to do the first time he goes public with another controversial political take? They should be worried about making Frozen 3 and not having to sweat out this bizarre partnership.

It’s only a matter of time before Colin says or does something that upsets the head honchos over at Disney. That’s one of the many reasons why this partnership is so insane on its face. Once he’s given the chance to speak to reporters again, he’ll definitely offer some political commentary that lands him in hot water.

After all, he just referred to the 4th of July as a celebration of white supremacy. What happens when the holidays roll around and he offers up a take about Christmas that the Disney folks are not enamored with? Kaepernick carries himself in a manner that suggests he thinks America may be a lost cause. These are not the sort of sentiments that one would typically associate with Disney.

Under the terms of the pact that was reached between the two parties, Disney and Ra Vision are going to be coming together to emphasize the untold stories that focus on social injustice. The agreement between the two is extended to all of the Disney entities, including ESPN and Hulu. Even Pixar will have the chance to get in on the Kaepernick partnership if they so choose.

For starters, Kaepernick will reportedly work closely with The Undefeated. A documentary series is also slated to be produced, tracking Kaepernick’s journey from unheralded Nevada Wolfpack quarterback to new age Frederick Douglass. “I will tell you I have been very, very clear with employees here that it is not our jobs to cover politics, purely,” said new ESPN head Jimmy Pitano two years ago.

It seems as if that tune has changed now. All of the mainstream media outlets are scared to be apolitical. Everyone is looking for their symbolic partnership and Disney is apparently not immune to these concerns. Jemele Hill is going to be involved in the documentary series, too. This is all pretty funny, considering the fact that ESPN recently let her go for being too political.


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