Could Seoul Mayor Disappearance Happen in US, Next?


As violence continues across the country, it’s leading to a significant amount of unrest. People are turning to their leaders, blaming them for not getting things under control.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the world, the mayor of Seoul turns up dead. What happened?

Park Won-soon was a civic activist and human rights lawyer prior to being elected in 2011 as mayor of the city with a population of 10 million. While there have been some sexual harassment complaints lodged against him, investigations were still being carried out.
Further, Park was outspoken about a number of other issues in the country. The city has also been a recent hotspot for the coronavirus. He was even being considered a presidential candidate for the elections in 2022.

On Thursday, local police found his body in the hills of northern Seoul. The massive search began after his daughter called authorities after receiving a “will-like” verbal comment from him. She contacted the authorities several hours later after being unable to reach him by phone.

The search went on for hours. Hundreds of police and fire officers searched the hills, using drones, helicopters, and dogs.

As reported by Fox News, “circumstances surrounding his disappearance and death remain unclear.”

Now, it’s easy to launch into a million reasons for Park’s disappearance and death. While he could have committed suicide, that’s not how it’s automatically being ruled right now. Park didn’t go to work that day, and he had canceled his schedule. Part of that included a meeting with a presidential official.

It seems as though Park was headed for bigger and better things within his political career. He also had a daughter. Suicide seems questionable.

If he were to have been killed because of his political leanings, it’s not too far off to consider such a thing happening in the United States, too.

South Korea has been dealing with civil unrest for years. Throughout the summer last year, there were countless protests throughout the streets. People wanted to show how enraged they were. They didn’t like the policies being made across the country.

The crowds have been leading to a Democratic Uprising. They have called for the ouster of the justice minister, they have dealt with freedom of expression, and more.

Does any of this sound familiar?

South Korea has free press just like the United States. However, there are laws that limit the scrutiny of themselves with various laws. If there are criminal defamations, it can lead to seven years of imprisonment.

In the United States, we don’t have laws against defamation.

However, we are taking those rights a bit too far, as can be seen in cities like Seattle, Portland, and New York City. The far left have been tearing the cities apart with looting and rioting while the right ask for it to be taken care of. Residents feel as though mayors, governors, and other political leaders have failed them.

Too many Americans want to try to take matters into their own hands. How long before Seoul’s headlines become our own? How long before the civil unrest gets to such unbearable levels that a mayor in a large city goes missing?

Regardless of whether Park killed himself or was murdered, he was a politician in a prominent city that was home to unrest. How many politicians in the United States have similar descriptions right now?

The country has to get a handle on things. The protests that have turned violent in the streets have to be shut down. It’s no longer about demanding rights. It’s about creating destruction and taking innocent lives.

If the country cannot get everything under control, it’s only a matter of time before newspapers across the United States begin reporting a missing mayor, a missing governor, or another missing politician. The way the story ends could be just as sad as what happened to the mayor of Seoul, too.


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