And Sessions Is Done After Betraying Trump and America as AG


Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was soundly beaten by former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville on Tuesday, to the surprise of almost no one. The Alabama Senate primary race has been the topic of much discussion lately, rightfully so. Observers from all over the country wanted to see if Tuberville would be able to triumph over Sessions.

The race was called by the Associated Press but it was not even close. Sessions lost by a wide margin. Tuberville took home over 65% of the vote and Sessions was lagging big time. Sessions is finally getting what he truly deserves. He decided that it was in his best interests to betray the nation and the nation responded in kind.

They are done with Sessions and we are happy to see it. The Russian collusion nonsense that we were forced to endure over the past few years was all his fault. He showed the nation that he does not care about us at all. That’s why he never had a chance to defeat Tommy Tuberville at the polls. The nation is tired of being lied to by charlatans like him and that is hard to deny.

Sessions and people like him are perfectly fine with corrupting the nation, as long as they are the ones who are able to benefit from it. He betrayed the Trump administration and it’s stunning to see him flame out so badly. We thought he might take some time away from the public eye but he tried his luck at the polls. That did not go well for him.

All of the good and decent Americans who were put through the hoax that was perpetrated by Sessions were not about to waste their time voting for him. President Trump has already contacted Tuberville to offer up some well deserved kudos. At long last, the folks who are anti America are finally being rooted out and forced to confront the consequences of their actions.

This election provides us with a valuable window into the thought process of the informed conservative. When we are given candidates that we can actually support without feeling foolish, it does not take long before support starts to grow in an organic manner. It’s truly as simple as that sometimes. Alabama has decided to stand with Tuberville and it has very little to do with his football accolades.

He was simply the best man for the job and that’s all there is to it. Sessions is the type of man who is a Republican in name only. He does not uphold the values that the party stands for and that’s why Tuberville was able to win so easily. RINOs like him are not going to be able to prosper any longer. The deception that he engaged in was among the worst that the nation has ever seen.

We were all forced to endure the Russian collusion hoax because of Sessions and there is no telling how many Americans were led astray as a result of what took place. The damage that is done when Americans are not given the necessary information is hard to quantify. It will take years before we are aware of the full extent of Sessions’ lies.

That is probably the scariest part of all. Not only do we not know how deep the lies are running, we are not even sure what has been said behind closed doors. Just think of all the things that we already know. There are major skeletons still hiding in Sessions’ closet and these things have a way of coming out before too long.

In the meantime, this is great news for the people of Alabama. They have allowed their voices to be heard and they are ridding their state of the Republicans who operate like Democrats. This is Sessions’ cue to jump over to the other party. They are probably going to be more tolerant of all of his lies and deceit.


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